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It all began in 1981 when Romy Fraser opened the Neal’s Yard Apothecary where she sold herbs, essential oils and natural raw ingredients to locals interested in natural living. One of the distinctive features of the Apothecaries’ trade was the blue bottles filled with herbs and potions and it’s what Neal’s Yard Remedies is still known for today. The brand became a real pioneer of the times, pushing against the synthetic chemical approach to skincare, beauty and wellbeing. The first shop in Covent Garden still stands and is one of the busiest in the UK.

In 2006, the Kindersley family with a passion for the environment and organic living, bought Neal’s Yard Remedies and set about building and expanding the brand. Neal’s Yard Remedies believe that beauty is the outward expression of inner health and vitality. All of their formulations combine traditional organic plant extracts with the latest advances in ethical organic formulations to provide the most effective, organic and innovative range of ethical health and beauty products available.





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